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Visionscope Institute Mission Statement

Our Mission: to strive to maintain light where darkness may be intruding;  to educate; to inspire and assist as
many people as we can, who are or are becoming visually impaired. Our mission is to assist these seniors in
maintaining their personal independence, and assist and inspire youth experiencing vision loss to proceed in
their lives with enthusiasm and determination to fulfill their dreams for the future.


Visionscope Institute presents series of Free educational lectures by vision professionals
on topics covering the various eye diseases, results of on going research in leading
research facilities and sometimes provides demonstration by professionals, of the
various types of ‘tech advancements’ (aids for low vision), currently available that may
prove a valuable assistance to many. While occasionally displaying and providing
demonstrations of these items by professionals at a lecture, Visionscope never presents
any products for sale. Free information packets on research, etc., is provided at each
lecture for the attendees to keep

Visionscope has a new program to begin  in the near future:
Youth Seminars for young people of all ages who are forced to deal with vision loss.
The hope for this program is that it will inspire in these sensitive young people the
determination and enthusiasm to fulfill their personal dreams for their future,


Vision Scope

The photo above was taken at a Grant Party
in Reno held by Community Foundation of
Western Nevada. The group include some
members from the Foundation, such as
Tracy Person Turner, Program Officer of
Community Foundation as well as Harold D.
Blethen, Director of Visionscope Institute;
Michael H. Price, VP and a director of Icon
International Foundation and Marie Nicole
Rolfe Exec. Director of ‘Icon.’

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