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2019 Easter Egg Hunt at Laura Mills Park

Everyone who participated in the Easter Egg Hunt had a great time! Thanks to all of the Lions, Kiwanis, Volunteers from the Community, The Easter Bunny for helping make it a great day!


The Lions Club does more

The Lions Club does more than just help people with eyesight problems or put eyeglasses on kids.  The Lions Club does more than help youth groups or participate in local civic projects. The lion club does more than put on parades or sponsor rodeos. We do more than plant trees or sponsor baseball fields for the little leagues. The Lions Club does more than help feed the hungry or bring disaster relief to those in need. We do more than put on Easter egg hunts or make improvements to local parks. The Lions Club does more than sponsor scholarships for students.We are members of your community and we do not ask what our community can do for us. We ask what we can do for our community. We are the largest  international  volunteer organization in the world and we are the only organization in the world that is composed of 100% volunteers. No other organization in the world can make the same claim. We as volunteers in the Lions Club international donate our time and our money to live by one motto.

 “we serve”