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Fallon Lions Pledge $8000 for Lions Ball Field Improvements

Fallon Lions Club pledged $8000 for Churchill County Parks and Rec Department to make improvements to Lions Softball Field. The ball field needs scoreboard repairs or replacement, new protective netting and more to make it a safer and more user friendly place for our children to play ball. The Fallon Lions Club helped to develop this field in the 1970’s and has been working to help improve it as time goes by by painting, donating money, putting up signs and so much more.

We are looking forward to sponsoring a team again. It has not been done for a long time, but it is part of our commitment to youth involvement.

Fallon Lions are proud to be a very active service organization within the Fallon City limits and Churchill County as a whole.

We have been serving Fallon since 1937 and appreciate the opportunity to help everyone in our community.

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Happily Married mother of 4 sons, 9 grandchildren who lives in Fallon, NV. I was injured and forced to retire, but spend my time volunteering for Lions, my church and my husband's Non Profit Farm to feed the needy.

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